Lady Valor premieres at SXSW 2014

In early September 2013, we were presented with the nearly impossible challenge of shooting and cutting a documentary feature in only 12 weeks.  While making the SXSW submission deadline was set as the finish line, telling an accurate and engaging story became our ultimate goal.   After many long nights, lost weekends and daily creative briefs with Sandrine (my tireless director) we delivered a rough cut and made the deadline.   The excitement around actually getting into SXSW was quickly replaced by another frantic round of shooting and cutting.  Ultimately, the film screened "hot off the presses" with the festival serving as our de facto wrap party.  The screenings were packed, the highlight being a showing at the Alamo Drafthouse, a theater I've wanted to go to ever since I started reading Ain't It Cool News 15 years ago.   Apparently, we were well received.  Our last showing got a three minute standing ovation and we made a lot of the "must-see" lists that weekend.  The greatest highlight was getting to spend more time with our amazing crew and having some actual face-time with our subject, the tireless, passionate and always engaging Kristin Beck.  Thanks for allowing us to help tell your story.